Friday, March 2, 2012

Al-Khobar Escapade on February 3, 2012

It is very seldom that I go to Al-Khobar for shopping because of more than one hour of travel. On February 3,  2012, I went there to buy some chafing dishes with some of my Filipino co-employees. Here are some of the pictures taken at Al Rahmaniyah Mall and surrounding area:

Jimsen Geronimo, Cylonne Castro, Ryan Garais, Julious Linaban, Freddie Unday and Rudy Santos

Julious Linaban, Freddie Unday, Pons Santos, Rudy Santos, Cylonne castro and Ryan Garais

Freddie Unday

Rudy Santos

Jimsen Geronimo

After buying and window shopping, we ate at the Filipino restaurant which served La Paz batchoy. I was curious what La Paz batchoy was and I found out that it was just an ordinary mami.

Freddie Unday and Jimsen Geronimo

Lovell, Pons and Rudy Santos

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