Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinoy Foods in Saudi Arabia

Filipinos around the world will always like the foods they grew up to. One of these is the food they eat at breakfast. Pinoys are  fond of frying left-over rice in hot oil and crushed garlic . This is called sinangag in the native dialect. The sinangag will be nothing without fried fish or tuyo and of course, fried egg. This 3 combination is now called TUSILOG, for tuyo, sinangag at itlog.

The popular refreshment all Filipinos enjoy is called halu-halo. It is composed of sweetened fruits & legumes with crushed ice and evaporated milk. On top of this concoction is either leche flan, halayang ube, ice cream or all. Below is my version of Pinoy halu-halo.

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