Monday, January 30, 2012

Etihad Miles Reward

I am a member of Etihad Guest Miles where you earn points for every mile you traveled. In July 2011, I redeemed some of my points and got these watches for my wife and son. One is Hugo Boss men's watch and the other is DKNY ladies watch.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinoy Foods in Saudi Arabia

Filipinos around the world will always like the foods they grew up to. One of these is the food they eat at breakfast. Pinoys are  fond of frying left-over rice in hot oil and crushed garlic . This is called sinangag in the native dialect. The sinangag will be nothing without fried fish or tuyo and of course, fried egg. This 3 combination is now called TUSILOG, for tuyo, sinangag at itlog.

The popular refreshment all Filipinos enjoy is called halu-halo. It is composed of sweetened fruits & legumes with crushed ice and evaporated milk. On top of this concoction is either leche flan, halayang ube, ice cream or all. Below is my version of Pinoy halu-halo.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Belated Birthday Blow Out

Joey, one of our engineers, had his birthday on January 9, 2012. Because of work commitment, his blow out was celebrated only yesterday, January 12, 2012 with KFC fried chicken and mixed Chinese noodles (pancit).

KFC fried chicken

Mixed Chinese Noodles

Mixed Nuts Pasalubong from the Philippines

This 1 liter bucket full of fried peanuts and corns come from the Philippines. I am not sure how many days until the container is completely empty as I eat as I blog.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Christmas Lantern

Philippines (Made in December 2010)

During Christmas, I always make one kind of Christmas lantern or parol. I learned the design from carpenter-relative  who made the house of my uncle and aunt in Olongapo City.

Australia (Made in July 2010)

It is a challenge to make the frame but more so to wrap it. It is easier to make the frame in the Philippines because bamboo sticks are abundant. But in Australia, I need to tie in two BBQ sticks to get the desired length.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year 2012 Celebration

Away from our loved ones, we as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) still have the time to celebrate the coming of the New Year  here in Saudi Arabia as we used in the Philippines.

Drinks - by Dado, Charles, Edgard & Freddie

We contributed to the foods that we eat.

Chicken & Mushroom Soup - by Rollie & Mel

Roasted Fish - by Crispin Sr & Jr, Bolabola, Noel & Nilo

Kilawin - by Crispin Sr & Company

Maja Blanca - by Me

Pinakbet - Cylonne, Ryan, Rudy, Julious & Reggie

Spaghetti - by Joey, Rodel, Dondon & Romel